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Active Working Assessment™

  • A standard Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment typically only provides seated position postural analysis and is designed in order to prevent any existing problems from getting worse.
  • An Active Working Assessment™ is designed to achieve good posture whilst BOTH sitting and standing at your desk / office workstation. The Active Working Assessment™ also covers basic education on the wider health and productivity benefits of breaking up and reducing prolonged sedentary behaviour in particular the effective usage of sit-stand solutions.
  • An Active Working Assessment™ therefore delivers better results in the following ways:
    1. Focus is on improving office worker’s general occupational health and reducing the risks of common DSE problems occurring in the first place
    2. Reduce the risks of existing problems persisting and the risks of further problems developing
    3. More likely to result in resolution of an existing problem

To find out more about our Active Working Assessment™ please contact us.

If you are interested in completing a qualification of the Active Working Assessment™ and providing a licensed assessments to companies contact us.